My Top Picks


These are the ideals that I am striving towards in my purchases. As of right now, I buy 100% vegan and all of the companies I recommend below claim to be eco-conscious. (Granted, this of course could just be green-washing, but I trust my judgement and will make any uncertainties I have known.) I am slowly but surely reducing my plastic purchases and try to buy fair trade and organic when I feel as if I have the capacity to. (I am also quite skeptical of fair trade labels, but that’s a conversation for another time.) Below are my top picks for making ethical consumer choices. I hope these suggestions can inspire you and help you live a more ethically well life!

Cosmetics & Toiletries

*I am not super committed to this shampoo brand, however, if you are shopping online they have a shampoo bar that is under $10 and they are one of the more reputable and established companies. When I first converted to bar shampoo I did a lot of research and settled on buying J.R. Liggett’s. However, now I just buy whatever vegan shampoo bar I can find at local shops. Also note that this bar soap uses what they call “sustainably harvested” palm oil.

**I have yet to find a sunscreen¬†not¬†packaged in plastic and I have yet to begin experimenting on creating my own. I chose Juice Beauty’s sports sunscreen after extensive research into finding the best vegan sunscreen. This is why I settled on this bottle in particular: vegan, many organic ingredients, provides protection with non-nano zinc oxide (the only sun protectant that I trust), is tinted so it blends into my skin better than other pasty white natural formulas, waterproof, hydrating, is modestly priced (compared to other “natural” brands that fit my criteria).

***This is the only item on this page that I have not bought and used myself. I do not use razors, however, I know many people do and this is the razor I would use if I were to pick one. It is suitable for all genders/sexes, completely metal (plastic-free!), durable (you may not have to purchase another razor ever again), Albatross will recycle the blades for you, and the blades are cheap to replace.


  • Thrift
    I like to thrift a lot of my clothes. Thrifting offers a unique sense of style to the consumer, is better for the environment (even if you are buying from a “green” company), and is (in many cases) cheaper than buying new clothes! Your local thrift stores will vary depending on where you live. You can also consider buying second-hand clothes from online. This is eco-friendly in the sense that you are not driving the demand to produce new clothing, however this is also not eco-friendly because of the packaging waste and shipping pollutants required for online deliveries.
  • Basics
    PACT specializes in organic cotton products. They claim to be sweatshop and childlabor free. From my personal experience, the company also has excellent customer service.
  • Shoes
    Vivobarefoot is my favorite footwear company at the moment. So far I own the Hiker FG Womens (low-rise hiking boots) and the Stealth II Womens (trail running sneakers) shoes.


  • Smartphone
    Fairphone¬†I don’t actually own a fairphone yet, so I cannot personally attest to its quality and abilities, but as of my research thus far it seems like the best option. (Warning: It is quite expensive.)

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